Help Yourself

Most, if not all, of Shadowfire's services come with more than adequate help texts. Reading and understanding the help is strongly encouraged and is more than likely going to answer your question quicker than if you have to wait around for someone else to answer.

Understanding the examples

Lines in examples that start with >>> are used to indicate text that is typed into your IRC client, usually a command that results in a response from the service.

Command syntax

Commands specified in these guides use the following formatting rules to distinguish between different types of parameters:

Mandatory parameters are surrounded with <>. e.g. <foo>

Optional parameters are surrounded with []. e.g. [bar]

Explore the services

By simply sending the command HELP to a service, you will be given the information you need to continue your exploration. Below is an example transcript with ChanServ:

>>> /msg ChanServ HELP

-ChanServ( ChanServ allows you to register and control various
-ChanServ( aspects of channels. ChanServ can often prevent
-ChanServ( malicious users from "taking over" channels by limiting
-ChanServ( who is allowed channel operator privileges. Type
-ChanServ( /msg ChanServ HELP COMMANDS for a list of ChanServ commands;
-ChanServ( to use a command, type /msg ChanServ command, or for more
-ChanServ( information on a command, type /msg ChanServ HELP command.

(Note that the HELP command can also be used with NickServ and AresServ.)

From here you can see that sending the command HELP COMMANDS will give you a list of commands and that HELP <command_name> will show you information specific to that command.

Exploring the services, by finding out what commands are available and what each command does, can help you learn about useful features that you may not have known about. Additionally, learning more about services will help you manage yourself or your users better.

Ask for help in understanding

People are far more willing to help someone trying to better understand something than someone who is just looking for a quick fix. People who can help themselves can help others help themselves and so on.

If you don't understand what the help text for a specific service is saying or what a command does, feel free to Contact us to ask for help.

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